What does Montessori refer to?

Montessori is a method of education developed by the 1st female doctor in Italy, Dr Maria Montessori. This method of education has been practiced worldwide for over 100 years.

How does Montessori differ from other forms of education?

Montessori differs in 4 major ways:

What are the principles of Montessori?
Which children will benefit from the Montessori Method?

All children will benefit as it is not exclusive to any group, regardless of their level of development or background.

How are Montessori children integrated into mainstream schooling?

Montessori children integrate very well into mainstream schooling as they have an excellent foundation. The children have the advantage of having been exposed to letters, numbers, etc. while in their sensitive periods. Montessori children therefore generally go into mainstream schools a step ahead and continue achieving through out their school career.